A Healthy Day Out in the Texas Hill Country

If you’re looking to get out of San Antonio for a day, there’s no better place in my opinion than Kerrville.  Of course, I’m prejudiced because I have family there and have been visiting there regularly for over twenty years.  But it’s a beautiful place in the hills with the lovely Guadalupe River running right through the middle of town.  They frequently have festivals and activities going on or you can just go for a day of antique shopping.  But good news!  You don’t have to eat unhealthy food while you’re there like you do in many small towns because there usually isn’t any other choice.  I am pleased to tell you that you have several choices starting right downtown.

The Sunrise Antique Mall at 820 Water St. is a huge two-story building containing a treasure trove of antiques and fun items to browse through and buy.  I have made many excellent acquisitions there over the years.  You can spend hours there just roaming and looking.  The owners and staff are so friendly and helpful and they always remember me.  Don’t forget to ask about their cats!

When you get hungry you can just meander down the street to Lightways Restaurant at 804 Water St.  It is vegetarian, both cooked and raw.  It is owned by a husband and wife team.  He has an amazing healing story about raw vegan foods and they will feed you well.  Many of the items are organic.

If you just have to have some meat then stop in at Francisco’s which is right next to Lightways on the corner.  It’s address is 201 Earl Garrett.  It is more mainstream food but very well done and high quality at an affordable price.

If you want to eat some salad in large quantities then there’s Salada at 225 Earl Garrett.  They have a soup, salad, bread and dessert buffet.  I won’t be there to watch you so you can have some bread or dessert if you want!

Now you can get back on Water St. and head to the Carrot Patch at 141 Water St.  They are a cafe located in the Kerrville Health Food Store and you can both shop and eat healthy.  They have soups, salads, sandwiches, burger, smoothies, carrot juice and even wheatgrass juice.

Across the street from the Carrot Patch is a Gibson’s, probably about the only remaining one in the world.  They used to be in every small town when I was younger but they have been usurped by Walmart.  I love the old-fashioned items in there that I can’t find anywhere else.  I can spend hours looking and when I can’t find something anywhere else I’ll go there and sure enough they have it.

Now don’t blame me if you end up eating Mexican food in Mamacita’s which is next door.  You will have to be your own guard and keeping reminding yourself how energized and vibrant you’ll be after eating your greens!

If you didn’t get your fill of antique shopping in Kerrville you can stop off at Comfort or Boerne on the way back home but that’s a subject for another day.

Until then, stay on The Healthy Way!

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