About Two Healthy Texans


Two Healthy Texans is about the journey Dr. Ann B. Davis and her husband are on.  This is about health, travel, finances, retirement, family, positive thinking, and fun – all mostly happening in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, south Texas, and on the beaches of Texas.  Dr. Ann and her husband are Baby Boomers who have found themselves in a bewildering place they weren’t prepared for, along with a lot of other people their age.  They are determined to have health, peace and prosperity in all aspects of their lives and will post all findings here!

Dr. Ann B. Davis obtained her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Westbrook University in New Mexico and her Massage Therapy degree from Austin School of Massage Therapy in Texas.  She is passionate about helping people achieve and keep vibrant health utilizing nutrition, detoxification, and essential oils.

It was her own illness that led her to search out natural solutions.  She was dealing with chronic fatigue, Candidiasis, headaches, food allergies and constipation.  Prescription drugs only made things worse.  She started out by getting weekly massages which relieved the headaches and then went on to be under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor, an Acupuncturist, and a Colon Hydrotherapist.  She tried every vitamin and herb she could get her hands on and got so fascinated by it all that it became her mission in life to help others find a better way to health also.  She walked away from a career at a large corporation and launched into learning everything she could and then teaching it to others.

Healing is a process and the amount of time it takes varies with the individual.  Any journey starts with that first step.

Contact Dr. Davis and find out how she can help you get on The Healthy Way. You may call her at 210-563-3455 or email annbdavisnd@hotmail.com.