What is Nia?

Nia is a revolutionary fitness technique that replaces the idea of punishment with pleasure.

Nia is a completely unique fitness program that tones and trims the body superbly — through pleasure, not pain.  So kind to the joints, it is usually done barefoot.

Nia is a technique that starts with fitness and ends with comprehensive healing of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

Nia is to exercise what holistic medicine is to health care.  It has many different components that help many different conditions such as asthma, depression, and pregnancy.  Nia is movement as medicine.

Nia is the first and most advanced form of fusion fitness — the combining of classic movement forms.  It encompasses the martial arts, the healing arts (including yoga), and dance.  This combination creates a synergy that no isolated technique can match.

Nia is a cardiovascular program that uses whole-body, expressive, grounded movement, rather than repetitive jogging or lifting.

Nia is adaptable to every level of fitness, every age and type of body, even those with special limitations.

Nia is the first fitness program that advocates doing things the easy way instead of the hard way.

Nia is a worldwide fitness movement with more than thirty years of technical advancement.

Nia is a non-intimidating way of appreciating your body — indeed yourself — in class, or in the privacy of your own home, thanks to Nia’s at-home video workouts.

Nia is effective and fun.

Nis is the Body’s Way, a new way of being and living in your body.

(From “The Nia Technique” by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas).  Go to for more information about Nia.

Current Nia schedule: Fridays, 9am – 10am, at All Saints Episcopal Church, 3026 S. Staples, Corpus Christi, TX.  $10 cash.