Traveling the Rocky Road

Staying on a healthy food plan while traveling is indeed a road full of rocks and holes.  And taking that first bite of fried or barbequed whatever can send you down a bottomless hole that’s hard to crawl out of until you’re so disgusted that you finally manage it our of sheer desperation.  I didn’t do too well on my recent trip but have learned from it.

First, if you’re traveling with people who don’t care about healthy eating then you’re going to have to be extra diligent and strong willed.  If you’re eating in restaurants you’ve got several choices.  You can go to a separate healthy restaurant while they chow down on barbeque, fried chicken, or their desire of the day.  You can go with them and take a chance on getting a halfway decent salad that you can eat while they shovel in the stuff you know isn’t good for you but smells so good.  Or you can take your own salad and veggies with you.  The waitstaff may look at you strangely but as long as there are other paying customers at your table they’re not likely to say anything.

When you’re traveling by car you can take an ice chest with you that carries a bounty of goodies.  Fruit is easy and doesn’t always need to be refrigerated.  You will need to prepare ahead of time by cutting up veggies, making hummus, grilling meats if you’re a carnivore, making or buying whole grain bread and crackers, and whatever else suits your tastes and is portable.  Be sure you include lots of water.  It will make you stop more but you don’t want to get dehydrated.  Also, having little munchies helps you stay awake if you’re the driver.  Grazing is better than eating a big meal because a full stomach can make you drowsy sometimes.

Before you start your trip, get on the Internet and find the health food stores and healthy restaurants that are in the cities you’ll be passing through or staying in.  Most healthy restaurants tend to be vegetarian and that makes it difficult if you’re traveling with meat eaters so you may have to take turns getting to choose the restaurant.  It helps if your companions are respectful of your choices.  A lot of people are very defensive of their bad habits and ridicule others so hopefully that’s not the case for you.  And sometimes you just have to make exceptions.

The more you travel the more you see that most of the world doesn’t care about eating healthy or even realize that it’s an enjoyable option.  A lot of people equate healthy food with styrofoam.  The best thing you can do is be a good example and not let  their choices overly influence you.

Despite the food issues, we did have a great time meeting distant cousins and tracing the family tree.  We uncovered some mysteries that I’m itching to solve.  It gets more and more difficult as you move back in time.  A lot of information is non-existent or unreliable.  But the search is addictive and lots of fun.  I love to travel and see new places.  I suspect that if I had a motorhome I could just keep on going all over the USA.

Happy Trails!

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